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Training is key and giving client facing staff whether own staff or retailer’s staff selling a brand in store.

Ai Beauty Training is taking this knowledge and expertise to support brands as and when is needed to inject educational direction and boost sales performance.

By understanding the model of niche or newly emerging brands and the financial impact of creating and running a training structure, Ai Beauty Training aims to alleviate expensive cost implications. By offering training support for brands when they need it Ai Beauty training offers flexibility in training commitments, whilst supporting with the most experience and influential guidance.  Ai Beauty training covers all need to maximise growth potential whist ensure brand strategy is adhered to and visualised.

As you can appreciate smaller brands don’t always have the means to support a dedicated training department and as a result education of sale staff or third party floor staff is overlooked.


Training is a vital element of creating and stabilising a brands foundation for its longevity and continued successes. Clients and potential customers need to be fully assured for product, ingredients and POD whilst understanding the brand DNA to deliver the best and most luxury service for loyalty

Ai Beauty Training aims to bridge the gap from the expertise, structure and knowledge from a commercial structure and deliver the best and most innovative training solutions for niche beauty brands.