• Arif Isikgun

Enjoying The Sun?

The sun is finally here, but is it here to stay? With the UK weather confusing at best we always seem to miss the sunshine and therefore keep our winter coat through the summer months. When everyone is golden and glowing why does it still look and feel that we have been hibernating through summer!

Working with celebrities and royalty, I know how to keep clients looking their best; one of the surest ways is to create that beautiful sun kissed glow.

Here is my three step guide for create that bronze Goddess.

1) Dry skin doesn’t tan!

Get in a habit of daily applying body cream or moisturiser. Not only will you achieve the benefit of having hydrated and visibly youthful skin, you will also (if you lucky enough to see the sun) tan easier and more uniformly. Keeping up a good body moisturising routine will also keep your natural tan lasting longer.

If you are unlucky enough to miss the sun you can always opt for a daily care moisturising lotion with an addition tan, this will build up daily and give you a smooth and glowing skin in no time! Opt for something light and fast absorbing, you want your tan to hang around not yourself!

2) A good bronzer will make all the difference

A lot of beauty gurus will claim that a good lipstick can change a look, and as much as I agree, a good bronzer can do so, so much more. Using bronzer in a flattering manner doesn’t “bronze”, parse, however can lift, brighten and make any make up complete and give health and vitality to the complexion.

Colour isn’t always paramount when choosing your perfect companion (believe it or not), instead look at the pigment and how strong/ weak it is. Application is also very important; apply in a figure of three for the most natural look. Use a large brush like a kabuki brush for the best finish.

3) The best tan is the lack of tan?

The sun, though wonderful, is the biggest ager; protect your skin at all cost for its longevity. The industry knows this and has brought out tinted, designated SPFs. These will not only protect the skin from the harmful and ageing UVA and UVB rays but can also unify the skin tone and create that beautiful sun kissed glow!

These three tips paired together with give you the ultimate golden glow, while protecting your skin from the sun its self.

With all things these should be tailored directly to you, give me a call to find out more or what products and routine would be perfect for you :)

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