• Arif Isikgun

Flawless Makeup In Hot Weather A Possibility?

With the continuing warm weather how can we keep our make up looking flawless and stop slipping off during the day. Follow my 3 simple steps to achieve perfection whatever the weather.

Using skincare is essential but don’t overload your skin.

Using skincare is vastly important to maintain the health and the wellness of the skin. Skincare comes in many shapes and sizes with a host of varieties. Most of us use skincare to keep ageing at bay and to help correct small concerns we may have. However certain types of products will also help to mattify and keep the skin as shine free as possible throughout the day. Opt for light textured day creams and SPF’s to hydrate and protect but also for fast absorption. If you are using a serum or oil look for products with low molecular weights to allowing them to disappear quickly in to the skin, giving you al the benefits but no sticky residue.

Layering makeup is key.

When applying makeup there is always a temptation with applying too heavy handed. What’s more a belief that applying more will increase the longevity. This is not strictly true, it’s more important to look at the technique for application of makeup products. Build your foundation slowly layering until you get your desired coverage. When applying any colour cosmetics or powder it is imperative to again slowly build the pigment by layering. The more you layer the more you lock in your makeup and make it weather proof.

Too much powder is the enemy.

Like most things in the industry we are told or taught that overloading the skin with powder will set makeup and keep our foundation on a lot longer, while this is true however too much powder can make you look dry and age your complexion dramatically. Instead look into a finely milled light textured powder with mattifying benefits. This will keep the makeup in place but also leave a lighter feeling then heaver mattifying counter parts. Try to layer your powder with a semi matte foundation underneath – this will still give the makeup hold but will also soften throughout the day giving a more radiant and youthful look in comparison to a full matte alternative .

If you’re still struggling with your makeup longevity or general beauty, book in for a one and one session, call to find out more and see how I can help make your beauty dreams a reality.

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