• Arif Isikgun

Revamp Your Summer Bag

As summer approaches we have a tendency to get excited about the glow the sun will impart on our skin, and understand the wonders of what a healthy tan can do to our mood and overall appearance. We have booked for a pedicure and perhaps a new doo but have we sorted out the key products to enhance our summer time beauty?

Most of us don’t even realise that we must revamp our summer bag. Just as we change our food and wardrobe, so too we should look to our makeup and skin care. Products fit for winter will not work in summer or at least work as well to enhance your summer beauty.

Here’s my three must have products to make the perfect addition to a summer bag.


The need for heavy cover or foundation dwindles as the heat increases. Not only do we not want to feel caked and greasy we also don’t want to look as though we are wearing heavy makeup. The market has been changing with base complexion products and a new brand innovation to hit is the water tints. A hydrating extra light weight formula that feels like air on the skin but coats the skin in a veil of transparent colour. These types of products not only give a wonderful glow, but they aim to colour correct and unify the complexion. Instead of people saying your makeup looks good they will be complimenting your skin. What’s more if you wanted to use a slightly heavier look for night time you can use these as a base for foundation.

Waterproof mascara

Less is more, and on days we just want a pick me up and not the hassle of a full face routine most of us opt for just a touch of mascara, after all the eyes are the window to the soul. Fluttering lashes give a the most feminine quality and frame the eyes, starting or finishing any look. With water proof mascara we be sure that the heat will not melt off our lashes. Just be sure to have a dedicated eye makeup remover as sometimes they can be tricky to remove.

Time for change

Bronzing powders are one of the most iconic products for a quick fix. Not only do they help to unify the skin tone but they also give life and light to the face, creating a natural and healthy look. In winter I advise to use a bronzer with more luminosity as the cold drains our colour, however in summer I advise the opposite. Choose a mattifying bronzing powder, these are especially good if you want to help reduce shine, and touch up throughout the day. Always remember that bronzer doesn’t have to necessarily make you look darker, it is used to add dimension and unity to the skin. Don’t go too dark as you can always add more.

If you need help in choosing the correct products for your summer makeup bag then I am more than happy to help.

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