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Wimbledon Fever – Whats The Right Look?

Wimbledon fever has hit the nation, the weather has been (not that I am complaining) uncharacteristically brilliant! The trouble with racing pulses and an exhilarated audience is that makeup seems to slip off. When in Wimbledon adorned with our newest and most flattering makeup products - brought especially, no doubt, for the jubilant occasion we want it to stay all day.

Smooth, hydrated skin is the best base you will get, regardless of the world’s most expensive primer. I have said it before and will say it gain - when you look at a celebrity and see flawless makeup, what you’re actually seeing is the beautiful and almost perfect skin underneath. A painting is only as good as the canvas it’s painted on. Hydrate, exfoliate and watch how you get just that little bit more longevity from your daily look.

Priming the skin is key

Primers are all the buzz, coming in so many formulations it’s difficult to choose which on is right for you, coming as colour correcting, hydrating, mattifying, pore minimising and so much more which one is suitable?

The most important thing to realise is that you must always protect your skin especially in the heat and sun. Good SPF’s have been created to use daily atop your normal skincare routine. Be sure to choose factor 30 or higher, ideally factor 50. Creators of sun block aren’t stupid they know that most SPF’s will be used underneath makeup; the majority will actually sit really well with most foundations and actually give you a nice smooth base to work on. Understand, also that these products have been designed to latch on to the skin and stay put all day, so if you choose the right type you could easily get extra longevity from your foundation and general makeup if applied correctly.

One of the only draw backs to using SPF as a primer, is flash back, this occurs when flash photography is present and particles – mainly Titanium Dioxide – in the formulation causes flash back in the photos. The chances of using flash photography in bright, sunny daylight is slim, however it’s good for you to be aware that this may happen.

The right blush can work wonders

Typically blusher can help to even colour distribution on the face, it can even go as far as to make you look even healthier, but which one is right? Colour matters not, its all about under tone and pigmentation. Usually speaking, if you are more yellow undertones, then warmer blush shades will work for you, similarly more cooler undertones then cooler blush shades can work. Apply on the apples for a light natural look, or for a more sculpted look applies on the actual cheek bone itself, blending to the centre of the ear. For a Wimbledon-esque chic blush look opt for more coral colour to warm the complexion and give you that perfect pop and wow factor!

If you unsure on what skincare to use or how to get yourself to the beauty next level give me a call I would be happy to set you in the right direction.

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