"When I first met Arif for Ai Beauty Consultancy, his professional knowledge and charming nature immediately impressed me.  I decided to engage his services, for consultancy on skin care and beauty, including recommendations for products and make-up. I had hoped for modest improvements in my skin health and appearance, and in my beauty know-how, but I was not prepared for the changes that Arif has been able to effect.  It has been an absolutely extraordinary journey to date, and by no means over as far as either of us are concerned. I have been completely delighted, even with the early results of what Arif has been able to advise and recommend.  The products are a great pleasure to use, and completely effective, in exact accordance with his predictions, and he has carefully managed the programme of introduction, to ensure that my skin has adapted naturally to the new regime. The outcome has been striking – not only to me, but to my friends and colleagues, who cannot quite put their finger on what has changed about me, but regularly comment that something has. One of the things that has undoubtedly changed is my own confidence in my own skin. The combined effects of Arif’s and Ai Beauty Consultancy’s introductions have really affected my appearance, in terms of health and youthfulness, and this has boosted my self-esteem, which affects how I perform at work and behave generally.  It is a very positive spiral that I am delighted to be on.  The programme has not been onerous -  Arif very well understands the pressures of a modern working life, and his recommendations have convenience, time efficiency and also value for money in mind as much as effectiveness of outcome.  All results are achieved.  I cannot recommend Arif too highly.  Ai Beauty Consultancy delivers exactly what i.e. promises, and what it promises is very impressive, and worth every penny.   For a woman of my age, health and beauty now takes a little more effort and care to achieve the desired results, and I am delighted that I have found Arif and Ai Beauty Consultancy at just the right time to guide me on the next part of the voyage".

                                                                                                        Sarah Clover, Lawyer

"Suffering from Psoriasis for many years I was allergic to many skincare products and couldn't use most anti-ageing products. After my first consultation I was instructed on what to use and how to use it. I haven't looked back since! I have recently had a second consultation and now I'm wearing make colour I never imagined wearing! Ai Beauty comes highly recommended as it’s changed my confidence and my skin!"


                                                                                                                                  Claire Hynes, Hospitality Manager 

"Already in the beauty industry I have access to a variety of premium beauty products. However after spending £1000's on the wrong products that either aggravate or irritate my skin I wanted to find products that were a perfect match for me and not waste more money. Ai Beauty took all my needs in to account and recommended me a set of products that have transformed my old routine and given my make-up a new lease of life."


                                                                                                      Jadan Chanel, Cosmetics Retail Manager